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Robinson & Associates is boutique Agency from Dominica, specializing in IT Infrastructure Management, IT Support and IT Sales.

We offer unmatched solutions to manage and operate IT infrastructure using our advanced IT Service Management (ITSM) capabilities, automated toolsets, and skilled technologists.

Our capable staff will exceed your business needs in fixed networking, wireless, telephony and infrastructure deployment and management. We offer a wide array of services spanning from Managed IT Services, Procurement, Cloud, Value added resources, Consulting and engineering.


Robinson & Associates is Formally Incorporated


Robinson & Associates moves into their new offices at 66 Potters St, Pottersville, Dominica

Our Team

Edmund Robinson


Shirlon Jno Baptist

Curvin Joseph

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  • info@robinsonassc.com

  • (767) 440-8458

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  • info@robinsonassc.com


  • (767) 440-8458

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